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Sinus Release (12099)
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Description: Sinus congestion, hay fever or chronic sinusitis or seasonal allergies can make life miserable, use this formula can help decrease nasal congestion and runny nose. 
It is also 

          -  carefully designed & selected

             by Oriental Medicine Doctor

             /Doctor of Acupuncture.

          -  100% natural, organically grown.

          -  GMP (Good Manufacturer         

             Practices) certification.

          -  contain no artificial color.

          -  contain no sugar or sodium.

          -  has been tested for and contain no   

             microbials or metals.

Ingredients: Magnolia Flos, Glycyrrhiza Radix, Gypsum Fibrosum, Anemarrhena Rhizoma, Gardenia Fructus, Scutellaria Radix, Eriobotrya Folium, Cimicifuga Rhizoma, Lilium Bulbus, Ophiopogon Tuber.

Directions for use: 3-4 capsules, 3 times a day until symptoms subside. 

100 Capsules

Exp: 12/2023

Comments on this product:

Cold & Flu Away, Sinus Release and Phlegm Release all work well! Sharon, G. from Coalville, Utah.

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