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 Dr. Ding Four Commandments 

The most efficient formula to keep anyone healthy in all aspects of life

 Things must do daily:

1. "Running water never goes stale":

Keep all aspects of life flowing; like a stream of  running water in Nature can avoid all blockages and toxins build up in life. This is the way Nature keep all things in balance and healthy. This way no mold or rotten things can develop in anything, instead life will flourish in that type of environment. By doing six deep relaxed breathing every one to two hours can maximize all channels of body and mind so maximum amount of detoxification and nourishment receiving will occur to them.  Therefore, no diseases, no chronic aching pain can develop easily. Frequent "D Power Breathing" (detail explained in the book of "The Compass To Your Micale Health") you do, frequent cleanse and nourishment you shall recieve.  "D Power Breathing" shall be done with nose breathing in and mouth breathing out. Totally relax mind and body, with focus from Nature in third eye (the poing between two eye braw), such as ocean, mountain, river or rainforest etc.  and taht can allow Natures' energy to connect anyone easily. Therefore, the healing and nourishing of body and mind can be done more efficiently with Natures' greater power.

2. "Da, Xiao (pronouce shao), Wu" to all things in life.

These three words literally means to make all things in life from big deal to small deal then to nothing. This mentality and action WILL autmaticalluy eliminate negative chemical production of your mind and body, because thoughts direct effect chemical production of mind and body.  Self produced negative chemical and negative energy is the major cause of most chronic and internal diseases.  They can do more damage then any healthy food or healthy exercise can help us with.  That is why there are so many people who eat healthy and exercise healthy still end up sick like others who don't freak out about being eat extreme "healhty" food. As you can see without mental balance no way anyone can be truly healthy, regardless how pretty they look at out side appearance. NO WAY! SAYS NATURE! Emotional imbalance caused diseases are include anxiety, depression or bipolar (these fastest growing diseases in modern days) can easily destroy anyone physical health by sending self-produced negative chemical through channels of body. That's why anyone has to practice this most practical formula to eliminate any stress to build up. Then the complete healthy life anyone shall recieve. So let's say Da, Xiao, Wu to all things in your life now!                                                                                                                                                      

3. Mini tune-up:

Rinse warm water (as warm as you can handle) about five minutes at time to your spinal cord from base of the skull to tailbone can produce extrat strength of Chi (body energy) flow to central nervous system which is located in the spinal cord, that give body a extract strength to cleanse and nourishing. So it works like a mini tune-up. Frequent tune-up one does, frequent healing and healthy one shall recieve. It is that simple and it is that powerful!  And it's Laws of Nature and physiology, no one can help you better than Laws of Nature! No one!

4. Grounding exercise: 

Human are hot headed animal. Over things and making things as big as we can is one of the destructive habit we love to have.  Socking feet in warm (as warm as you feel comfortable) for 15-30 minutes (You may put Epson salt or ginger root in the water not necessary) that can help dilate lower part of body channels, so more energy can flow will draw to low part of the body. That can reduce the tension and stress from up part of the body, this specifically reduces tension and stress from brain and mind. That will make them feel more grounded and peaceful.  Peace brings harmony, harmony brings balance life, balance is the ultimate life on earth. Got that!?

Congratulations! Now you have the most powerful formula to keep you healthy on earth. Because they are all based on or fits Laws of Nature, and Nature NEVER FAIL! By following something NEVER FAIL you WILL NEVER FAIL either! Any quetion? Love yourself in action. Do this formula now!


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