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Cold and Flu Away Immune Booster (12248)
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This herb helps cold and flu symptoms, detoxify internal organs and boosts immune system.  This herbs can be used to prevent cold and flu during travel, helps cold and flu symptoms and can also be used to boost immune system. 

Our #1 Formula!

Some of the major ingredients which were used to treat H1N1 are the same ingredients in Dr. Ding's Cold & Flu Away according to this article:

Scientific Research has been done by central government of Chinese Health Department in some of the most modern, largest hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, etc proved traditional Chinese Medicine cured H1N1 (swine flu) patients!  For details, please visit:

For CCTV news report on how Chinese medicine combats H1N1,

please visit:

It is also

           -  carefully designed & selected by Oriental Medicine Doctor (OMD)

          -  100% natural, organically grown.

          -  GMP (Good Manufacturer Practices) certification.

          -  contain no artificial color.

          -  contain no sugar or sodium.

          -  has been tested for and contain no microbials or metals.   

Ingredients: Lonicera Flos, Forsythia Fructus, Platycodon Radix, Arctium Fructus, Mentha Herba, Lopatherum Herba, Schizonepeta Herba, Soja Pollen Praeparatum, Glycyrrhiza Radix, Phragmites Rhizoma.

Directions for use: 2-4 capsules, 3 times a day until symptoms subside.  

Preventive use: 2-4 capsules, 1 time a day for at least a few days at a time.

100 Capsules

Product Reviews:

Cold & Flu Away - I take it when I travel & I stay healthier & If I feel a cold coming on I take it & my cold goes away in 1 week! Marianne, M. from Park City, Utah.

Cold & Flu Away, Sinus Release and Phlegm Release all work well! Sharon, G. from Coalville, Utah.

The Cold & Flu Away is very effective.  We always keep it on hand and use it as an immune booster when going on trips.  Gary, F. from Park City, Utah.

This is an awesome herb!  It worked so quick that my cold symptoms disappeared in a few days.  Now I get several bottles each time so my whole family can have it.  I give to my kids and my grandkids.  It is the best cold & flu herb!  Cathy from Salt Lake City, Utah.


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